Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Tonsillectomy Recovery

  1. If at all possible, enlist a friend/family member to be a nurse.  You'll need it.  I was insanely fortunate that my mom is retired and was able to fly in the night before the procedure to help take care of me.  When we asked the doctor how long she should plan to stay after the tonsillectomy, he said "honestly, the entire 2 weeks."  She booked her ticket to leave on day 16, and I was in tears the night before she left because I wasn't quite ready to be kicked out of the nest.  My mom slept with me in my bed for the first 14 nights to help with pain meds as well as getting food, additional ice, etc. from the kitchen downstairs.  I realize as I write this that I sound like a huge baby, but honestly it was nice to have a co-pilot for that amount of time.  For the first 8-9 days, I really feel like she kept me alive!!  I was in so much pain, so frustrated, and couldn't vocally communicate...  I feel like I'm a practical person, and relatively low-drama...but this experience was way worse than I expected and there is simply no way I could have gotten through it without help.  From drying my hair for me after a shower, to refilling ice packs with fresh ice at 4am, to getting a cold washcloth for my forehead when the pain meds made me nauseous -- I really needed my mom! 
  2. ICE.  ICE ICE ICE.  If you remember nothing else from this site, it's have a nurse and have lot's of ice.  I found that pellet-size ice works the best, and we bought 10lb. bags of it from the Sonic fast food restaurants.  Throughout the recovery time period we went through over 250 lbs. of ice.  Not exaggerating. 

    Let's spend some time on this.  Ice was critical for me for the following reasons: 
    -- For the first few days, all I wanted to do was chew ice.  It was the only thing that helped with the pain.  I'd slightly chew the ice and then hold it in the back of my throat.  Anytime my ice cup got even close to empty, I would get extremely nervous as I needed this constantly for the first week.
    -- Everything I did sip, I wanted ice with.  Water with ice, Gatorade with ice, chicken stock with ice, applesauce with ice.  If it wasn't ice-cold, I couldn't handle consuming it.
    -- MOST MOST MOST IMPORTANTLY:  ice packs.  I asked my doctor about ice packs in advance, and he was very neutral about them; he said they didn't help but didn't hurt.  At the hospital they gave me two ice packs for my neck, and I could hardly let those ice packs leave my side the first few days.  Then, for the entire first 12 days, I had ice packs ready day and night.  Tips for ice packs:  1), we wish we would have asked the hospital for extras of their refillable ice packs as they worked great but one started a leak pretty early-on, 2) we bought re-freezable ice packs from Target in the first aid section, 3) from Amazon, I bought a "Imak Neck Support - Hot Cold Wrap Around Neck Support," it had a furry cover that felt really good when I wanted slight cooling for long periods of tme.  Any time I felt sharp pains, which was often, I'd clutch ice packs to my neck for 10+ minutes and the pain would get under control.  I cannot emphasize how much they helped.  While they just "felt good" for the first week, they were absolutely critical once the scabs started to come off.  I would be in tears when a scab came loose or when I woke up with a dry throat, and after 10 minutes with ice packs, the pain would be manageable.  I used re-freezable ice packs (wrapped in dish towels) from CVS, as well as refillable pouches with pellet ice. 

    Managing this much ice is an issue.  We found the best way was to get 3-5 bags at a time (asking people to go on ice runs and deliver it to us) and store it in coolers, because even if we could fit in the freezer, it would freeze too hard and my mom/nurse would be downstairs at 3am trying to chip off ice.  In the coolers, you do get some melt but it stays loose enough for scooping and general use.  And at $1.59/bag, it's well worth it.
  3. Be OCD about your pain meds schedule, and chart your pain meds.  My great nurse instilled this in me.  We charted EVERYTHING.  I was on a Vicodin/codeine liquid solution and was taking 3 teaspoons every 3 hours.  It seems like overkill to create a schedule and write down the time, dosage, and a check mark once you swallow it, but once you throw in a secondary pain med (like I did on Day 7) and sleep exhaustion caused by staggering meds every 1.5 hours day-and-night, that charting thing comes in really handy.  We consider ourselves lucky that we had no major accidents that involved double-dosing!
  4. Get your prescription filled for your medications in-advance of your procedure.
  5. INSIST on more pain meds if it's bad.  Don't ask, insist.  I had an out-patient cobalation procedure, I was in pain within 30 minutes of waking up from the surgery.  I just laid there, frowning hard with my eyes shut, wondering what I had just done to myself.  I mentioned the pain to the nurse and she gave me some Demerol.  About 30 minutes later I mentioned it again, and she responded "oh I can give you another Demerol hit, I'm glad you said something just in time because we're going to release you in 30 minutes, and we have a 30-minute cutoff before that where we can't give you any more medication."  I was in tears on the drive home from the hospital, and immediately wanted my first Vicodin dose as soon as I walked in the door of my house. 

    Later the same day of my surgery, my mom called the doctor (I couldn't speak) asking if we could increase the meds dosage as I was at a pain level 5-6.  He said no.  [*NOTE:  I'm still angry at my doctor for this when I think back.  He said I was on the strongest dosage, and in retrospect we should have insisted upon a different medication at that point, because I then dealt with a consistent 4-6 pain level for the following week.] 

    The night of Day 5 was rough.  For the first 6 days I rarely slept more than 15-30 minutes at a time simply due to the discomfort of my throat.  I'd wake up to sip ice water or put ice packs on my throat, day or night.  Finally the night of Day 5, I fell asleep for over an hour.  When the alarm went off for my meds I woke up and felt the worst pain of my life.  It felt like someone was pushing their thumbs into open holes in my throat.  I had tears running down my face and ice packs pushed against my throat, trying to help the pain subside.  After that experience, I set my alarm for every 15-20 minutes to force myself to wake up and sip water -- I refused to let my throat dry out again.  This went on for 2 nights (in retrospect, the ridiculousness of this sleep deprivation was not conducive to my healing) and finally my mom and I called the doctor, both of us in tears (mine were silent) insisting on more pain meds.  He prescribed liquid over-the-counter Ibuprofen, which made me cry more because I thought it was a complete BS token gesture.  I was wrong.  That Ibuprofen made a bigger impact than I could have EVER imagined!  We staggered the Ibuprofen with the Vicodin, and I started sleeping again.
  6. Food is doable.  If you're like me, you may actually be looking forward to losing weight from the recovery (only silver lining of the whole thing) but perhaps because I had such a great nurse, I really didn't lose any significant weight.  Here's what worked for me:

    -- On advice of the hospital, I bought Icee-brand frozen slurpee cups (in the freezer section of Frys/Kroger) that are like convenience-store slurpees.  Those were the most substantial thing I got down the first 1-2 days, and they tasted better to me than most other things.
    -- I couldn't sip pure liquid (just chew ice), but my nurse/mom made "Gatorade Slushes" in the blender with ice and Gatorade, and those went down well at-times.
    -- Drinkable yogurt/yogurt smoothies (I liked Stoneyfield Organic, sold at Super Target and Whole Foods), frozen into styrofoam cups and then microwaved for 15-20 seconds.  Like a yogurt icee. 
    -- Unsalted chicken stock with ice.  It's hard to find, but our Super Target had unsalted chicken stock which is loaded with nutrients but very low sodium (much lower than reduced-sodium stock).  I found that high-sodium foods irritated my throat.  We tried pureeing (liquifying) Chunky soups to get more nutrition, but the sodium level just made them too hard to get down.
    -- My genius nurse cooked Campbells chicken noodle soup, poured out all the high-sodium broth that the noodles are canned with, and put just the drained chicken/noodle mixture in a blender.  She then added unsalted chicken stock to make it back into a soup, and pureed the whole thing.  The pureed noddles and chicken made the consistency creamy and flavorful -- it was AMAZING!  I think we started this on day 3 or 4 and I wanted it for every meal.  With ice :-)  I wasn't brave enough to try it warm for quite awhile,and put ice in everything including my soup.  She would make batches at a time and we just kept it in the fridge at all times.
    -- Once we figured out the utility and versatility unsalted chicken stock, we started making soups.  I have a great butternut squash soup recipe that we modified, and that tasted amazing as well.
    -- Applesauce.  Great staple.
    -- After the first week, Jello with whipped cream.
    -- Other second-week foods:  pureed creamed corn (homemade), polenta cooked very soft/mushy with lot's of chicken stock, mashed potatoes with gravy to keep them moist.
    -- I didn't really like popsicles for some reason (they work great for most people) and the ice cream I had on-hand always had little chunks of stuff in it, which bothered me.  To boot, I simply have never had a sweet tooth.  So that's why I had to get inventive with the savory options above!
  7. Prepare your healing space.  I knew I would be in my bedroom a lot, and the week before the procedure I was lucky enough to have a friend in town who helped me select some fun new lamps, hang new art, etc. which sounds silly but it was nice to spend time in a place that I enjoyed being.  Most importantly, on the advice of my doctor, I purchased a high-powered humidifier (from  I really think this helped with sleeping because I live in Arizona and the dry air can make it painful to breathe solely through my nose at night.  Because the humidifier kept the air in my room so moist, I could comfortably breathe through my nose and keep my mouth closed tight while I slept!  Falling asleep with mouth open = breathing through mouth = dry throat = worst nightmare.
  8. Entertain yourself.  My iPad became my best friend, and I went through a ton of content via Netflix and HBO GO apps (so much so that my internet provider contacted me about data usage).  Because I was up so much throughout the night, I watched a lot of classics on my iPad and drifted in and out of sleep with my headphones on.  My mom and I also tried to have "movie nights" with rentals that we both wanted to watch.  Because the pain meds make you operate in 24-hour cycles, it's nice to have some things to look forward to.
  9. Keep a flashlight by your bathroom sink and look in the mirror at the progress in your throat.  I just thought it was really interesting to see WTF was going on back there that was causing so much pain.  I would always have my mom look first, and as it got closer to day 6-7 she told me I probably didn't want to look!  So I let the bliss of ignorance play out for a few days.  But for the most part I found it fascinating.
  10. Try to keep a positive attitude.  As my doctor said, the good news is that they don't grow back!  So eventually the pain DOES end, and your voice DOES come back, and you will slowly start to feel normal.


  1. Hi I have added this page to my Blog here:
    Chronic Tonsillitis Symptoms Treatment Tonsillectomy Indications Complications -

    1. I recently got my tonsils removed (on day 7) and I have never been in this amount of pain. Only get this done if you really think it is necessary. If you get this done, make sure you are in a good place and you have the time to recover. Your morale will be down. You will feel discouraged and depressed. Good luck to anyone who takes this on.

    2. I recently got my tonsils removed (on day 7) and I have never been in this amount of pain. Only get this done if you really think it is necessary. If you get this done, make sure you are in a good place and you have the time to recover. Your morale will be down. You will feel discouraged and depressed. Good luck to anyone who takes this on.

    3. I'm on a Google frenzy looking for blogs about tonsillectomy recovery. This was definitely the most REAL and down to earth.
      I'm on night 1! I had my procedure done at 1030a today. I wish I knew about the humidifier thing before coming home cause I would have made my Nurse Mom stop at Target and grab one!
      Is feels like I swallowed cotton balls. Is that normal? What about sleeping? I tried to reread your blog but didn't seesee anything about melatonin? Maybe I'm just too high on my meds, but this page came up when I googled "Melatonin after a Tonsillectomy"...thanks again for the post!

    4. Just lots of liquids to keep throat moist. Sleep will be hard to come by. I am 3 weeks out from my surgery and I still wake up with dry throat. Keep water by your bed at all times. The melatonin might help but did nothing for my sleep. Good luck on your recovery.

    5. The best think I can ever recommend for anyone that is going to undergo this procedure is rest ice ice ice sip cold liquids not through a straw and take your pain meds as prescribed and alternate with liquid ibuprofen today I am on day #7 but unfortunately on day #5 of mine I ruptured and was rushed for emergency surgery to caterize the ruptured spot to stop the bleeding. Highly advice stay sitting down and only get up if you absolutely need to or have to

    6. Goodmorning not sure about the good part I am on day 5 this is by far the worst pain I have ever felt all I can say I keep the ice comming so I am praying for each and every one of you for a speedy recovery and hope to see that rainbow sooner then later!!!love hugs and kisses Tina

  2. I love this! Thank you sooo much for all of your insight and the great advice. I had tonsillitis 10 times as a child, but back the late 70's early 80's...they would only remove them if they were diseased. I am one of those rare ppl that got Mono at age 14 and it has now become a chronic issue. I also have chronic sinus congestion and both seem to lead to chronic tonsillitis! I am considering the surgery. I have a 4 yr old little girl and my little boy is 19 mos. I have to weigh my options. It is better to be down 2-3 wks or 1-2 times a month? Anyway..your post has helped me and given me alot to think about! Thanks again!

    1. Do it. I have a there year old and one year old and we're making it work. On day five :-)

    2. I'm recovering right now from this surgery. It is now day 3 and I threw up tons of bile on day 2 so it has been a nightmare for me. I am also keeping a pain killer schedule. 2 oxycodenes with 2 325 Tylenol every 4 hours and a anti-nausea medicine with it. I've had a lot of surgerys in my life and I must say, this had to be the number 2 most painful. The number one was my knee reconstructions. I would recommend eating soft foods because it will help your body recover and sleep is also mandatory. Just take a lot of pain medication before sleep so waking up won't be that bad.

    3. I'm 17 and had my tonsils out yesterday. They had been swollen since November of 2015. Had I known how much pain I'd be in, I truly would've considered this not worth it.

    4. Wow! That sounds horrible as do other people's experiences I've read. I just had mine out (on day 6) and I'm 33. It was way better than I expected. I was talking, eating, and drinking immediately. It starts to hurt at the 3rd hr of each dose of hydrocodone but it's tolerable. I've slept fine except for it making me snore due to swelling. I think I'm a good healer. I have had one refill of the liquid med filled and I'm guessing i may need one more to be comfortable. But overall very worth it. I credit Sonic ice in a big mug as my key. My husband went and got several bags for the freezer then I keep a small ice chest of it in the fridge.

    5. This guy is a huge baby. My experiemce so far has been unpleasent but seriously this is such a whiny post. I was bleeding and had to be rushed to the er on day 4 amd took it all, while very unpleasant, in my stride. The most unpleasant thing for me is the "ear-ache"

    6. Yes!!! I was home alone the whole two weeks and it hurt a bit but I have had way worse pain. I got my own food, slept when I was tired and had my wife stay home one day when a particularly bad bleed sent me to the ER for the night. Honestly the worst thing about the tonsillectomy is this nasty taste in the back of my mouth which still hasn't completely gone away. It ruins food and drink and it's a serious drag.

      I certainly didn't need my mommy to come sleep with me. The alone time was the best part.

    7. Everyone’s experience is different. I’m on day 7 and have not slept more than 2 hours since I came out of surgery. If I do the pain is so excruciating it’s ridiculous.

    8. If you do it with your kids and all I would see if you could hire a nanny for a few days to help you! I am on day one and I cannot imagine caring for another human being right now never mind 2!

  3. When you mentioned Frys, I wondered to myself if you live in AZ. Then you mentioned polenta and I was certain you were in AZ! Haha great advice. Needless to say, I'm nervous for my upcoming surgery but I would rather have a couple few weeks of pain than a lifetime of on again, off again throat pain, ear aches, coughing due to having bad tonsil stones. I will definitely be making my husband read this so he knows how to take care of me as well. I never knew Sonic sold ice. Great thinking!! Thank you!

  4. I stumbled upon this when googling "tonsillectomy recovery." It has been five days since my surgery, and it is hands-down the worst pain I have ever experienced. To make matters worse, I am allergic to nearly every type of pain med. They gave me a drug called Roxicet that they thought I could tolerate. 24 hours after my surgery I ended up back in the ER after vomiting non-stop for about 4 hours. Now, the only thing I can take is Children's Liquid Tylenol every 4 hours. It really is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.

    I planned on taking two weeks off of work, but my fiance only took off the first week to take care of me. Next week should be interesting.

    I'm 31 years old and have suffered from chronic tonsilitis and tonsil stones for years. Since it's too late to turn back, I really hope this solves my problems!

    1. Do you regret having the surgery? I'm 29 and strongly considering having the surgery for the same reasons as you. I am very scared and am wondering if it's really worth it.

    2. I had mine done 2 days ago and have wound up in the ER once already and surely will be there again to get more fluids because i cannot bare to swallow. I am alergic to Vicodin and Codine and was given a Fentenyl patch which I have been wearing for over 24 hours with no effect. Had I known how much pain i would be in I would not have done it. Even with the cryptic tonsils and sleep apnea

    3. Ask for liquid promethezine. I am also allergic to all pain meds but I was able to take the codeine if I had the promethezine also. By day 8 I was off of pain medicine. I am on day 10 and rhe pain is very manageable now with ice. I only really have pain when I wake up and my mouth is very dry which is normal. Otherwise my only obstacle left is eating which is still pretty painful. So far noodles have been the only thing I can eat besides Popsicles. Try to think positive and that this pain is only temporary! Good luck!

    4. iam 31 years old i did surgery today is my day 12 have pain and bad breath and my mouth is very dry

    5. If I new the pain was this bad then I would never of had the operation not a chance.

    6. I'm 52 years old and just had my Lingual tonsils removed. I am at day 5 and the swallowing pain is horrible! I am also allergic to every single pain med on the market, so only have Tylenol and Motrin for relief. I take them alternately every 2 hours. Finding something to eat though that doesn't burn or downright hurt is impossible! I bought a LOT of vanilla protein shakes (equivalent to Slim Fast) and they even burn! So far the only thing I've found I can eat is popsicles, Jell-O and Flan, which is NOT enough calories, let alone enough protein! I am drinking loads of ice water but can't seem to get the pain when swallowing to stop long enough to eat anything. Tried the spray Cepacol and the hospital even had me swish and swallow some Viscous Lidocaine. Neither of these numbed things for more than about 15 minutes and I was only to use them 4 times per day!
      I had help that was able to stay only 2 days after being released from the hospital (I had to stay 2 days due to a very bloody nose from the nasal intubation), so am totally on my own now. Have a timer set every 2 hours to wake me for my meds and have them charted, but I realllly need to get this pain under control so I can eat!

    7. I'm recovering from my surgery atm as of 6 days ago. I am sucking on ice cubes a lot more than I am actually drinking anything. My pain meds were mostly 650 mg Tylenol and 600 mg Advil on a 3 hour cycle but fortunately I do have oxycodone too which I use mostly for sleep. I have sleep apnea which my tonsils may have been a huge contributor to and I have to wear a CPAP when I sleep even during recovery. Boy is it excruciating to wake up after 1-3 hours of sleep, which I just woke up from a 1 1/2 hour. I use ice packs on my neck a lot and just had an idea that really helped me recover quick from my sleep. Cold pop cans! I took 2 cans of soda pop to both sides of my neck and up along my pounding and ringing ears and it really helped. This may be my new recovery method for breakthrough pain because I prefer to use as little oxycodone as possible. Between sucking on ice cubes (I prefer fairly large ones), ice packs on the neck, and pop cans I hope they might help you.

      My diet has been mostly cold and soft foods such as ice cream, sherbert, popsicles, yogurt, smoothies (I think I am becoming sensitive to fruit ones though) and pudding. However I like a warm bowl of chicken noodle or chicken and stars for lunch and dinner but right back to ice I go. The warmth and oils/Fats seem to coat and sooth but I try to avoid swelling of anything by going back to cold asap.

      I hope your recovery is improving and pray for some easement of your pain.

  5. Ive just had my tonsils out 5 days ago and im struggling to eat normaly and a lot but today I managed to eat eggy bread and spaghetti on toast which helps with clearing the back of your throat. I have found that the best thing to sooth your throat is to drink milkshakeas it really helps with the swelling. Its als good for taking paracetamol ie pain killers. I couldnt take the dissolvable ones with eater as I found it eas salty and stung my throat so I then got capsules and poured the powder into the milkshake and stired it. As im still recovering and in pain I wanted to see if there was anything that would help so from this ivv found that eating ice will help thanks for the advice :) hope mine can help anyone to but everyone is different

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  7. I am on day 5 now of 'recovery'. I've been in bed constantly since the opibuprofenust take lots of tramadol and sleep. Havnt eaten a thing the whole time hardly drunk havn't spoken a word or been outside... I feel like a ghost. Boyfriends at work all day and my 5 year old is with daddy for a few more days, im on my own most of the time. Painkillers dont work well for me I have to take much more than the prescribed dose, I am honestly so miserable and hungry and dehydrated and completely off my face on tramadol most of the time that I just sleep. Milk products are the devil they make a thick gloop a
    In your throat you choke on. Just water!!!! ive been given paracetemol n ibuprofen but they dont work. Ive been on tram a long time this is why meds dont affect me as they should om kinfof imune. I honestly cant see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. Just trying to remember its worth it in the end :(

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  8. Thank you so much for all of your tips...I'm going to be the nurse/mom when my daughter has her surgery next month. I learned so much from you and I really appreciate all the details... I need to find a Sonic!!! Thank you, what a tough ordeal, so sorry one has to go through it! Hope you are doing great now!

  9. Enjoyed reading. I'm in my early 30's and just had a T&A on the same day with my 3 year old son. We chronicled the experience at

  10. I am 17 years old and I'm on day 8. I have to say, this article is so on point and well put together. If only I had stumbled upon it before my procedure! I have had so many complications with strep throat (5 cases in the last month actually) and tonsillitis that I am pretty certain the procedure was well worth it. although at this time it is still hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, I am staying optimisitic. I'll definitely forward this advice to my mother! Thanks for the advice!

  11. a very helpful article, im on day 3 now, but my pain isnt as bad as you say it is. yes itsliterally impossible to eat any solid foods, but from yesterday ive been eating cold soups and popsicles, today i was able to eat some small tiny pieces of bread in my soup and normal ice cream. howveer im not sure that all of this is possible because of the painkillers im getting or just that everything is going welll right now..? :P :) hope everyone recovers asap

  12. My husband getting the surgery tomorrow. This is great advice. I am going back to work Monday and having people check in but sounds like he needs 24x7 care for at least a week? Dreading this!

    1. We are at the dreaded Day Three. I am the caretaker and was in tears yesterday. The nausea was so awful he'd gag everything I entered the room! (Opening his eyes, moving his head made him feel awful). I had enough and paged the doctor twice. Got a script for anti nausea meds - they come in liquid form - and that was a miracle!!! Thankfully the last 24 hours have been better as far as nausea but the pain is bad and we know today and Day 5 will be terrible.

      The advice about ice from Sonic has been a total lifesaver!!!! We are going through a bag a day - that'd just for eating / drinking. I am making a ton of ice for the ice packs.

      Finding it necessary to take food with pain meds. This means eating in the middle of the night but it's better than waking up sick.

      This is hands down the best blog I have read. Thank you so much got your great tips!!!!!

  13. I'm on day 8 now. First 4 days were not too bad, could still eat solid food up until day 4. Day 5 was where the severe pain started, to top that, I ate something that gave me acid reflux, never in my life have I experienced pain like this. Day 6 and 7 was pretty bad. So today, day 8, I can say that things are starting to feel better. Good luck to all those that had and still getting a tonsillectomy! x

  14. It's been two weeks and finally things are getting better. This blog is the BEST reference we've found anywhere. The advice is spot on! Rather than call the doctor - again - I went out and bought four bottles of children's Advil. That completely saved us when the pain got to be around an 8 or 9.

    For those about to have surgery, listen to the advice in this blog! The neck brace / cooling pad, humidifier (essential), ice from Sonic (life saver), and the Advil. We followed everything and it made the recovery better. The only thing to add is eat with the pain meds and get anti nausea meds!

    Even two weeks in, avoid acidic foods (pizza was a mistake) and try not to sneeze (huge setback when that happened).

  15. Am on day 8 after op. I could not sleep last night the pain is coming through my ears. I dont know how many pain tabs i ate. I'm not sure if this is normal.

  16. I am day one post adenotonsillectomy (because I am one of those unlucky 27 year olds whose adenoids didn't go away). My pain has been a pretty steady 4-5 with alarms for pain meds. I have adjusted my liquid roxicet to 3.5 hours instead of four, I am gargling viscous lidocaine every six hours, I have tetracaine lollipops I suck on for 45 seconds at a time, in between meds, and I am taking the steroid I was sent with in the morning and early evening. For me, cold things are punishment! Even room temp water is painful. The ice pack on my throat is helping, but I can't leave it too long. Tonight I drank about two cups of warm homemade beef marrow broth, which felt heavenly on my throat. My sites were no coblated, which I understand to be more painful. Mine were cut out instead of burned out, and I have sutures to minimize the risk of bleeding out. My husband has been waiting on me since we got home yesterday, but he has to go back to work tomorrow night so I'll be on my own with my kids and I'm terrified :(

  17. Well great tips, I'm on my day 1 and it is just as painful as you say it is, the advantage I have is I already knew what I was getting myself into (although I don't know if it really is an advantage). This is the second tonsillectomy I get, the fist one was about 8 years ago, and the doctor left some tissue, and it regenerated, well part of it. Its funny how you say at least they DON'T grow back… well in my case THEY DID!!!!! how unlucky am I?… and now all I can think is, I should`t be feeling this kind of pain AGAIN!!!.. lets hope it gets better, fast!!!

  18. Im on day 7 post adenotonsillectomy. The pain is bearable. But i am so hungry right now because i still cant eat foods. Everything i ate will stuck. Im on liquid diet and its so frustrating. Great tips you have here. If only i found it before the surgery. :(

  19. Okay, I'm 33 yrs old and I actually went to see my ENT about a deviated septum. He looked in my mouth and went "holy crap! Those are the biggest tonsils I've ever seen." Needless to say, I'm on day 7 post tonsillectomy and septoplasty. The pain has been awful, but only really the last few days. Scabs have not come off. I've been on Norco for pain. No nasea or vomiting. Ice has been my best friend. I want everything blended into an icee. So far, I've made it without ice packs or the numbing Popsicles my doctor prescribed. I start nursing school tomorrow, and I think I'm well enough to go sit through lecture. Good luck to all of you!

    1. Numbing Popsicles why don't I have that. :( never heard anything about it.

    2. I am so happy to find this comment as I am having a septoplasty and tonsillectomy this Thursday. I am 43 and have been obsessively reading message boards and taking all tips seriously.. :)

  20. I'm 44 and considering a tonsilectomy. I had a septoplasty done about 6 years ago that was the most painful surgery i've had done but recovery was manageable which included caulderizing and stints. I'm glad I did it though.

    My tonsils are large and obstruct my airway- been using a cpap for about 6 years now but have gained weight since seeing the ENT 2 years ago and my uvula and tonsils are so large i can inhale and snore. :) Ugh. I'm thinking surgery is in my future. The surgeon has recommended it obviously. I really appreciate your blog. Any other ways to avoid surgery anyone?? Thanks

  21. This is the aftercare notes the doctors should be telling you and the prep for the surgery too!

    I got my tonsils out 4 days ago, it's been hell, nothing like the docs and nurses have told me and I kept asking and they all were hesitant to tell you the truth.

    I've packs were also something I asked about and they said the same thing "doesn't really help or hurt" they are nuts!!! I can't take Motrin and codene makes me puke so I've been surviving with regular Tylenol and ice packs every 2-3 hours. Only bad thing is sleeping because you can't keep ice packs cold that long. I'm scared now because I thought I could go to work tomorrow. I'm upset that the doctor wasn't realistic with me because I told my boss what he said "oh 2-3 days and some people go to work the next day"?! What!!!!!!

    1. Hi I was shocked to read yr doctor's told you 2-3 days! I was back in hospital on day 3 so i hate to think what you must of been going through, all the people and doctors I have spoken to before my op told me 3-4 wks, I do hope you have fully recovered now :-)

    2. my ENT surgeon told me a month for full recovery from my septoplasty and tonsillectomy so I cannot believe a dr would say go to work the next day!!!

  22. Awesome blog! Thanks for sharing. I had my tonsils removed a week ago, and swallowing is still painful. I do have a high pain threshold, yet this has been a very agonizing period for me. I plan on going back to work tomorrow. I hope I can pull it off. I have no regrets though because for the first time in 18 years, I can actually talk directly to folks without their looking away or twitching their noses due to my bad breath (tonsil stones). My self-esteem took a pummeling for 18 years, and I will never regret the decision to opt for surgery. It is the only sure cure for tonsil stones and the chronic bad breath that comes with it. I only wish I found a doctor who would agree to perform the surgery 18 years ago. Take care friends.

    1. I too have tonsil stones, however the dr. didn't feel the need to remove them. Now I've had tonsillitis 3 times in the last 4 months. I've been putting off seeing another dr. because I'm limited in the time I can take off from work to have it done. How long did you have to be out and how was your first day back?

  23. Do not touch anything citrus. I tried orange on day 5 and it set me back 3 days. Awful idea and no one said not to mess with orange juice and the like.

  24. How long does it take for the pain to go away definitively?

    1. 2 to 3 weeks :) but it really depends on the person... Hope you feel better soon xoxoxp

  25. I am on day 5 and it seems more painful today. I have eaten solids everyday as I have read everywhere that it will speed up the recovery. Last night I coughed up some mucus and a blood clot which was disgusting! On Codeine with paracetamol and Ibuprofen which takes the edge off it. Don't drink anything acidic like 'wine' felt like burning even diet coke is a problem today...sleeping well. Any advice about pain relief??

    1. Ice packs around your neck, or even cold bottles of water are the key. Feel better soon!!!( day 8)

    2. Ice packs around your neck, or even cold bottles of water are the key. Feel better soon!!!( day 8)

  26. I'm on day 5 of tonsillectomy recovery... I can't thank you enough for your recommendation about chewing ice. I bought a couple of bags from Sonic as you suggested and it has helped so much! I've been chewing it and putting it in everything I drink. It's been so much easier for me to drink very cold beverages (Gatorade mixed with water has been working well for me). Having this ice has really helped me to stay hydrated, which I think has made a HUGE difference. Hang in there, everyone!

  27. i had my tonsils out 4 days ago. so far so good... the pain hasnt been as bad as i had prepared myself for. i read this post and all the comments the morning of and day before my surgery so i prepared for the worse. thank u for writing this as everything helped so much during my recovery so far. i havent experienced much pain yet, on a scale probably a 3. let me let all of u know that i am the biggest baby around and do not handle pain well, however so far this has been manageable and ive been eating solid food. my one downside of this has been the nausea i think from all the medication that would have to be the worst! also all my food taste like metal, i tried to eat chocolate and it tasted so foul! hopefully things will stop tasting like metal. it has been an uncomfortable experience however manageable and i cant wait until im fully healed. im looking forward to not feeling so tired anymore and full of energy

  28. I've been fantasizing about getting my tonsils out and never having to deal with tonsil stones again... I was picturing the recovery period as painful but imagined I would just be so doped up on painkillers it wouldn't matter. This post (and comments) making me reconsider!!! I'm also in AZ, if you are willing to say which dr or clinic you went to, and whether you would recommend them or not? and was it worth it in the end??

  29. I had tonsillectomy on 6th Feb, ive always stayed away from pain killers in the passed, but I must say I was clock watching to see when I could take the next dose of them!It has been the worst pain I've ever had by far,as in scale 1-10 i will say 8-10 in the first 2-3 wks, infection is expected I've had two lots up to now,it cleared up so I thought I could go back to normal, as in work,keeping house clean,running around after my children, out on my bike, but alas as I write this my uvula has gone really small the ear and headaches have come back and the top of my palette it's very sore and when I drink the water is going up my throat and out nose! So more antibiotics I predict, I know it Was for the best having the op, but it takes a good long while to fully recover, take it easy and good luck to all, :-)

  30. I'm 32 and just had my tonsils out and deviated septum corrected a week ago. My roommate kept asking if it was a good idea to get them both done at the same time but it appears I have only actually experienced the pain from the tonsillectomy. My throat has been on fire the whole time since surgery, I can't talk, can't swallow, can't eat, etc. The pain is a lot worse than I expected going into it, I really wish I would've read this prior to surgery so I could understand what to expect.

    I don't know if anyone else had the same issue as me but when I originally took my liquid pain medication it was very painful since it was so thick and also burned a bit like I was drinking alcohol. It would literally take me like 3-4 swallows for 2 teaspoons of medication. But I noticed if I add water to dilute the syrupy liquid that it goes down a lot easier (more like water).

    1. Yikes. My ENT refused to do the septoplasty and tonsillectomy at the same time - that would have been brutal. The septoplasty recovery wasn't too bad for me but I had some other stuff done which made it more uncomfortable than had it only been the septo. You're brave! I cannot imagine having had both done.

    2. my ENT surgeon has suggested to do both at the same time and suffer the worst month of my life..

  31. had my tonsils removed 3 days ago and so far its been a breeze. yes it hurts, but nothing compaired to what im reading here, im talking, going out shopping, just normal activity basicly, only on paracetamol. eating hot and cold fluids. i think im just lucky really, doc said i was a rare case.....what im trying to say is prepare for the worst, expect the best.
    key indeed ice ice ice ice ice as soon as you wake up, and i wouldnt go through with it if you cant breath through your nose because ceeping your mouth closed ceeps your mouth moist. good luck all!

  32. I had my tonsils removed 4 days ago and I have t say its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm 18 and I had 6 separate cases of strep throat/ tonsillitis in a 12 month period. I have had strep at least 3 times per year since I was 9 years old, and none of the doctors I went to did anything until now. (The only reason for that is because my mom is sassy and was fed up with the different cocktails of antibiotics they would give me.) I have built a tolerance to most antibiotics, and usually have to go on Augmentin for about 10-15 days to get rid of the infection.
    The pain on the first day was manageable. They swabbed my throat with numbing meds and I had some pain med before leaving the hospital. I had lots of visitors and I was very interactive with them. I was talking, laughing, and even ate some ice cream. The real trouble was trying to sleep. I snore...and that mixed with the excruciating pain I was feeling from over doing it was unbearable. The second day was even worse, and the third day topped them all. I have a sensitivity to most pain meds and that was causing me to vomit. with everything I eat/ drank it never stayed down. I vomited for about 4 hours non stop (not exaggerating)
    Today seems to be better. My mother was been forcing me to eat applesauce, but that's the extent of it. I have been having severe hunger pains, and I was wondering what types of solid foods can I consume?
    Well good luck everyone and thanks for this awesome piece of information!

    1. (If you're still looking) Eggs is what I had most luck with, at times I need to wash it down with water sorta like a pill because my throat muscles just aren't cooperating yet, but I am only on my 2nd day and not having much trouble as long as I chew it up very well and wash it down.
      I've also had luck with bananas, and toast dipped in hot tea.

  33. I am on day seven. In England the NHS recommends that you need two weeks off work to recover. The advice I had was that you need to eat solid foods straight away. Yes it hurts and it can take over twice as long to eat half the amount you usually do, but I have not had the terrible problems listed above. Avoid anything acidic (tomatoes are the worst), i've been drinking warm water with honey which I find soothing

  34. No horror stories thus far for me
    I am only on day 2 of my recovery so far I have no trouble eating things such as eggs, bananas, toast ect anything that I can chew extremely small.My biggest problem at the moment is my tongue, which seems to be twice as swollen as anything else (Is this typical? or did I bite it while under anesthetics? ideas?) I've been sucking on ice to help my tongue, as for my throat I am taking my antibiotic as directed, tylenol/codein every four hours, and motrin every 6 hours, and I am feeling wonderful as far as recovery goes!

  35. I'm 35 and was so afraid to get my tonsils removed. Needed to get it done cuz Dr thought they were the cause of my sleep apnea. I just got mine removed yesterday and my tongue appears to still be numb. I think I figured out why, I was pouring Tylenol w/codine on my tongue and not towards the back of my throat. Last dose was 3 hours ago, and I poured closer to back of throat helped a lot better with the pain. Pain isn't too bad as of now. I have to eaten mashed potatoes, cheesecake (without the crust) and little bit of very tender beef roast all without complaint. Been chomping on ice and eating freeze pops since I woke up in recovery, deff helped with soreness. Warm flavored green tea went down good, but not so much after it got cool. I didn't like the way jello felt either. Pain is worse when it gets closer to the time for me to take meds again, and when I burp. I know I'm like all over the place with this, but guess I can't really think straight due to me having got 1 hour of sleep since operation. After reading about the long recoveries I'm hoping I can go back to work on Monday. Best of luck to all that are going thru this.

  36. I'm 24 and on what they consider to be Day 2 post op. The day of surgery and the day after were fine for me. I was laying out in the pool, went to get my nails done, etc. Today has been a completely different story altogether. I am in so much pain and I can't tell if I'm so nauseous from the pain or the liquid hydro with no food on my stomach. Waking up from sleep is miserable with the dryness and pain and I'm so exhausted. I can't stomach even moving. I've tried ice cream, frozen italian ice (better) bananas, warm broth (best) and most make me queasy. If my worst days are to come I'm extremely fearful and want to just break down and cry. Sonic ice is amazing I would have to agree, but even that is painful at this point. Severe headache.

  37. Just had my surgery 4 days ago and I have to say that the BEST thing to invest in (if you don't have one already) is an air humidifyer for the time after surgery. I only got about 15-30 min sleep initially without waking up in pain. However, once I started taking 3mg dissolvable Melatonin (found in the natural suppliment section at any pharmacy) it really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep without any nasty antihistimines that are bad for your healing sinuses. The humidifier was also a dream come true so far because it keeps your throat a bit wetter so you can make it 2-4 hours of sleeping without drying out. :) Hope those little tips help - I'm 21 and my 19 year old sister is getting the same procedure this summer (we both have awful tonsils that usual gave us 3-4 infections per year for YEARS and then we both got mono 18 months ago and the ENT decided it was just time for them to come out). I'm being the pioneer in this unknown territory so I can help my sister get through this hopefully a bit smoother than I am. I have to say, though, that Day 3 was definitely the worst for pain and swelling, I was just miserable (and the doc said I've been quite a trooper through all my other tonsil problems -- peritonsillar abscesses and all (they break those open with needles)). Good luck to everyone else out there trying to get through this ordeal. You can do it! And we all know it'll be worth every day of suffering when we don't have to deal with getting sick, apnea, etc etc after this :)

  38. I had my tonsils removed on 8-11-14. I wanted to share some tips from my experience. I’m a 30 year old female.
    1: The pain was bad, yes. I’d mentally prepared for that but, for me, it was more like a severe muscle tearing-type pain vs. burning. I did have a little burning but swallowing my liquid pain meds didn't burn - it ached badly. The worst part, I think, was the scabbing. It was disgusting; I felt like my throat was rotting. No one warned me of this. It was making it impossible to swallow anything since my uvula was also ginormous. I literally had to pick pieces out so I could breathe and it smelled and had a horrible texture; it was just extremely unpleasant (sorry for the TMI).
    2: The liquid pain meds sound like a good idea, right? Yeah until day 3ish where you feel like if you have to taste the disgustingness again, you may just end it all. I personally would have rather swallowed pills by day 3 (as difficult as it may have been) vs. taking any more of that disgusting liquid crap.
    3: GET STEROIDS. I’m not messing around here. Make sure you leave that hospital with an Rx for a steroid; this will make the pain so much more bearable because it will significantly decrease swelling. Ask for enough for at least 6 days (and refrigerate it). I was very hesitant to take them because normally steroids make me feel like crap but they worked and I felt so much better for hours.
    4: Ice-cream is a myth - so is any dairy. Unless you like the feeling of choking, because that shit coats your scabs, I'd stick with the basics of Ensure, popsicles, applesauce.
    5: You will lose weight. For better or for worse. I'm thin so I had to down Ensure to keep the weight loss to a minimum. I lost 6 lbs in two weeks but I know others who have lost more.
    6: Try and stay hydrated. It sucks but try and drink a few sips of water here and there. It makes a huge difference in how you feel and I think it helps speed healing.
    7: Laxatives. I needed them twice in two weeks. Stool softeners did nothing for me.
    8: Ice. I put an ice pack in a sock and tucked it under my chin. It felt wonderful at the time but I wonder if it actually made the pain worse once I took the ice away; it tightened everything up and made swallowing more painful than pre-ice.

  39. Part 2:
    9: I actually slept OK. That's probably because I drugged myself into oblivion (ie: took the recommended dose every 4 hours). I set an alarm every four hours to take pain meds.
    10: You may have withdrawal symptoms for several days after discontinuing the pain meds: jittery, difficulty sleeping, wanting to punch people in the face, etc. Rough it out because you want to get off the meds asap. It may take you a couple days to get normal sleep but you don't want to be strung out on hydrocodone turning tricks on the street to feed your addiction.
    11: People are going to make stupid comments and downplay how horrible of an experience this is. They will also be nice and ask you how you're feeling and, for me, I wanted to shank someone every time they asked me because it felt patronizing (I know. I was not in a good place). Also, ask people to please text instead of call because you’ll not want to talk for about 10 days and if your experience is anything like mine, day 2/3 I felt so sick I couldn't look at any screens so I couldn't even use my phone, comp, etc.
    12: I was told day 10 was the gold standard of feeling much better. Not for me! I had to return to work on day 14 and I had no idea how I was going to manage. A day or two can make a huge difference and by day 14 I was much better - not 100% (more like 75%) but better.
    13: Take two weeks off from life for this procedure if you're an adult. Trust me on this.
    14: Shower if you can, and gargle a bit in the shower.
    Lastly: this is a miserable two-week experience. I haven't come across anyone who has said: Oh, it wasn't so bad! If you find this person, they're a filthy liar. Just remind yourself to keep your eye on the prize and you will feel a lot better around 2 weeks. Some people have said they wouldn't have done this had they known what recovery was like. I can honestly I say, I still would have. Even when I felt like I was going to die, I still knew I was better off in the long-run.
    So I'm at almost a month of recovery. I still have a little pain (nothing I can’t handle) and I'm having some problems swallowing liquids; lots of stuff wants to come through my nose. Also, sweet foods still taste weird. Just trying to be patient in recovering.
    GOOD LUCK! YOU WILL BE FINE. Eye on the prize...

  40. Before I had my tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy I read every single blog post I could find about the recovery. And t is not as bad as most people make it out to be. My pain level was never over a 6 and even then it wasn’t for very long. The thing that I disliked the most was not being able to eat solid foods and on the 2nd day of post op I had an allergic reaction to my pain meds and threw up multiple times. As you can imagine, throwing up with holes in your mouth/throat is not very pleasant.

    Right before I had my surgery I almost backed out because of the terrible recovery stories that I read from so many different people. But don’t be scared. It is not easy and does take a lot of determination but it is very possible to get through without having a mental breakdown.

    I asked my doctor if having my tonsils removed would help me be able to breath through my nose again (which I hadn’t been able to do for about 2 months). He did not give be a yes or no answer. However once I woke up and came back to reality after my surgery I could already breath through my nose with such ease. This was very fortunate because I couldn’t even imagine how painful it would be to breath through your mouth while the scabs and membrane (forms where your tonsils used to be) because your throat already feels very dry. Make sure that you aren’t sick when you are getting your tonsils removed. I started to feel a sore throat coming on so at my preop appointment (which was 5 days before the surgery) my doctor gave me antibiotics because I had a case of tonsillitis forming and if it continued they would not be able to remove them.

    Right when I got out of surgery I began hydrating. After my surgery I drank 11 bottles of water that day. Hydration is a very important factor of healing quickly. I also began icing my throat whenever I was sleeping or lying down.

    The day of surgery I had no problem talking however as the time progressed I decided that talking was not easy. So for about 5 days I did not speak and on the 6th my jaw was extremely sore after talking.

    On day 8 of my surgery I began eating pasta and didn’t have much of a problem and on day 10 I can basically eat anything except chips and very crunchy objects.

    I didn’t have much bleeding from my scabs however there were about 3 times I could taste blood.

    Foods that I would recommend eating:
    -baby food, any kind
    -adding some water makes it much easier to eat and I would recommend keeping it refrigerated
    -it’s not as easy as baby food but is nice when you are tired of baby food. Also homemade jello is softer than store bought
    -frozen yogurt, soft serve
    -I ate only soft serve for 2 days because my jaw pain was too much to try to chew a lot of food
    -blend anything with broth
    -this helps make most things easy to eat like mac and cheese
    -mashed potatoes
    -make sure to blend some types because they can be too chunky
    -tomato soup
    -some say that it will burn your throat however I found it soothing

    Drinks I recommend:
    -I actually am one of those people that do not enjoy drinking water. It tastes weird to me, which many people find really hard to believe. But iced water does wonders for numbing your throat!
    -however this and other sugary drinks would make sticky, thick saliva stick to my throat. But it was still nice every once in a while
    -I would not recommend drinking Naked smoothies because it actually caused my throat to burn

    Just try not to rush the recovery process too much. I tried eating a sandwich the 5th day and it was not worth the pain of trying. You will eventually get better so just remember that you chose to have your tonsils removed because of the trouble that they have caused you. Also, always stay positive and happy because it makes life a lot better! I wish anyone luck that has their tonsils/adenoids removed because I have already found benefits. *This is my experience as an 18 year old.

  41. kerrigoldstein: I'm so glad your recovery wasn't horrific. I wonder if most people with the horror stories are a bit older than you because the older you are, the worse it's going to be. Glad it didn't deter you from having the surgery!!!

  42. I'm on day 7 since my adenoid & tonsillectomy surgery. The first 4-5 days were the worst!! Ice chips and cold water will be your best friend, trust me. I only used acetaphetamine and ibuprofen to relieve my pain. Vicodin did absolutely nothing. I took ibuprofen and three hours later acetaminophen, and so on. It worked great until I started getting hives. Now I'm only taking ibuprofen every 6 hours. I have very minimal pain now, the worst I've had since day 5 has been a 5-6, if that. I am eating lots of, baby food, mashed potatoes, broths with blended veggies and a couple of tortillas, tons of jello, noodles (top ramen, not healthy I know), and everything frozen (ice pops, ice cream, name it). I do never need to purchase a humidifier, I was finally able to semi-lay down to sleep last night and let's just say I kept on waking up due to dry nose, throat, and that 5-6 pain I mentioned earlier. I was feeling super weak and sleepy these past few days due to my limited food consumption, but I was able to gave a bit more today and I feel significantly better. I can't talk fully, my voice sounds pained and forced and quite frankly it hurts. But I feel life I'm finally making it over that hump =) my advice would be that you have tons of everything that is frozen or cold, keep a log of ask your meds (alarms, alarms, alarms), have a great and patient person helping you during your recovery, lots of fluids, Netflix will be your boredom ally, don't rush the recovery process, let yourself be pampered, and be extremely thankful to those who helped you in your journey. I hope for minimal pain during your recovery process (only because you will experience pain), please listen to your body, and get those cold fluids in =)

  43. Finishing Day 3 of recovery. Overall: Pain has been relatively well managed with acetaminophen (tablets) and oxycodone (liquid). Also taking amoxicillin for preventative care. Biggest worries I have had is the relatively excessive amounts of sleep I'm getting. I'm really only awake from Noon to about 8 or 9pm daily. The rest of the time is mostly sleep with some bouts of wakefulness to go to the bathroom or take meds.

    Day 0: Groggy and a bit off-balance from the remaining anesthetic medication. But, once the medicines were filled and in order, I could sleep well.

    Day 1: Surprisingly well. Doctor and nurse called to check-up. Suggested ice, ice, ice, ice, ice! and they were right, right, right, right. Also, doctor said that sometimes the first full 24 hours a patient feels better than days 2+ because of the remaining anesthetic. Foods: Soft foods -- cool rice porridge -- and ice drinks or cream. Pain ranges: 6 to 8. At times when having water, felt the phantom pains of the tonsils still there. Surprising thing: uvula is swollen like no other. Had some problems breathing regularly due to the swelling.

    Day 2: Definitely worse than day 1. Pain was in the 8 to 9 at the worst and was consistently in the 7 to 8 range all day. Faint smell of eau de scab coming from my mouth pretty regularly. Not so bad for me as I've become accustomed to it, but still, I'm noticing it, so it's gotta be hell for my brother who's taking care of me. Foods: still soft foods, tried some buttered bread, but one bite and I was done. Had a bite of a piece of steak. Cannot wait to eat solid foods, but I'm not going to do that for another day or two. Had some greek yoghurt because I wanted something to help with the digestion as the oxy works against digestion and the amoxicillin is wreaking havoc with my gut bacteria. Definitely helped keep the stomach calm. Focused extra on staying hydrated with ice water and ice packs. Helped later on in the day once I was much more hydrated. Overnight was rough, woke up feeling woozy and very very dry. Can't wait for my humidifier to arrive.

    Day 3: Overnight was better -- slept for about 3 to 4 hours at a time. Took pain management meds around every 4th hour. Food has progressed to more solid and less soft -- rice with some veggies on top with a bit of broth. Instead of mostly broth and a few parts of rice. Ice water and drinks still are the best. Still sleeping a lot: woke up at 4 am to take meds, stayed up until 5:30a emailing and facebooking. Slept again until 8 and then slept until almost noon. Sleep has been the best. :) I did do some physical stretching and myofascial release work on my neck area and lower back. My neck/shoulders are tense from the surgery. My lower back from all the laying down. So I did some work to make sure they continued to funciton as best as possible for the time being. The myofascial release seemed to help keep things clear in and around my neck. :)

    1. Day 4: Overnight was much better with a humidifier. Slept about 3h30m at a time. Got to sleep at midnight, woke at about 4 to take meds. stayed up for about an hour thinking, reading, and watching, then slept again until about 8, to take meds again. Had solid-ish food for the first time!: Tacos! Chicken Tacos! For the love of god, food with flavor! Slept again until about 10h30a. Going to have a friend visit again. Going to reduce amount of oxycodone used. Been getting a bit of a headache at 8am, kind of like a caffeine headache, so I think it's probably proper for me to avoid continuing with the oxycodone much more, lest I develop further physical dependency on it. Physically the condition of the throat is still pretty tender and sore, but, I'm managing to eat solid-ish foods and less of the stewed stuff. Ice water, iced drinks are still helping a lot and generally, my pain levels are low (in the 2-3 range).

  44. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing this. starting day two and a big scared. big hug and all the best to you. have a wonderful tonsil-less life ;

  45. Tonsil blog

    First let me say thank you for this blog! Your advice and personal experience gave me a worst case expectation as well as a very detailed shopping list! I have been planning on this surgery for the past year knowing it would be horrid but important for ongoing health. I had tonsil crypts since I was a kid, why the doctors never took them out I cannot speak to but over the past 3 years they have become a huge problem. Several bouts of tonsillitis, strep, and chronicle enlarged glands causing obstructed sleep apnea. My work involves a lot of phone work so I had been hesitant to have them taken but it was becoming obvious that the time was now.

    The recovery hasn't been nearly as bad as I was prepared for. Today is day four. I do wake up multiple times during the night, I make sure I have ice water and my next dose of pain relievers waiting for me as well as the numbing spray.

    My must have shopping list...
    Ice water ice ice ice
    Chloraseptic sore throat spray numbing the back of the throat is great!
    Chloraseptic lozenges an alternative to above
    Ask the doc for an oral's stronger than the OTC numbing agents listed above, works great.
    Children's liquid Motrin/Advil (once risk of bleeding has passed). Reduces inflammation.
    Reusable ice packs wrapped in a light towel
    Italian ice, Popsicles, frozen yogurt
    Flashlight at the sink to see you scab progress
    Low sodium beef and chicken broth
    Cream of rice or oatmeal
    Eggs for soft boiling or better yet poaching to mix with cream of rice or oat bran (my personal favorite)
    Replacement meal shakes of some sort, too many brands to list

    Be prepared for constipation from the pain medicine. But you'll be on a liquid diet so it won't matter much so so much.

    If the doctor offers you steroids TAKE them! It helps the inflammation. If you are worried about'll be up anyway!

    I have been able to talk since day one, but in the AM when my meds have worn off I don't. That is when the pain is at its worst. I do keeping talking to a minimum.
    Do have someone with you. I've had a great caretake helping me.

    I'm out of work until 3/2 but feel I'll go stir crazy before then. It's warm here in FL so going to try some sunshine healing.

    Update: today is day 9. Planning on returning to work Monday 3/2 as scheduled. Saw the doc on day 7 because I wanted-needed more pain medicine. You are not supposed to use Advil/Motrin products until day 10 due to bleed risk and I'm allergic to acetaminophen (Tylenol) soooooo doc gave me morphine in pill form. Naturally he was tight with the amount of the medicine he was dispensing. I'm weening back down off it now and continue to use Advil but now in gel cap form.

    I've been getting out daily for short excursions, day 6 had a mani-pedi, that was exhausting.
    Day 7 doc appointment...plenty for that day
    Day 8 movie! Lots of water and ice cream, great time!
    Today...went out for lunch. Clam chowder was great!
    Mind you, I am not driving for any of these excursions, my spouse has been of great help and with me throughout it all, he works from home and has a flexible schedule as a result.

    I think that wraps it up. Not the worse experience I've read about, likely not the best.

    Doc did say that once you hit a Day 7 things improve dramatically. I expect I'll have a horrific sore throat for the next week plus but snoring has stopped now that I can breath through my nose fully since all the swelling has gone.

    If you need one for whatever reason, obstructed sleep apnea, excessive tonsillitis, strep, crypts whatever...have them taken!! I should have done it years ago.

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  47. Like Dawn D, I wanted to thank this website for giving me a worst-case scenario perspective.

    I read this the night before my surgery and went down a black hole. I got really freaked out, and was worried I'd be like the OP, and be miserable for weeks on end.

    I think the OP's experience was that of an outlier. Thankfully, I know mine was not.

    That being said, you will be miserable for a period of time. The day of surgery I was extremely nauseous due to the anesthesia. The next day, the pain got worse after they had worn off. I could talk the entire time, but at a much lower level. The first 4 days were the worst.

    Sleep is really hard to come by. I was paranoid about keeping my throat from getting dry, so I would wake up throughout the night to drink water. Also, the Percocet (the only medication I was prescribed) made me have CRAZY dreams. I hardly dream normally and these were wild. After 3 days, I just went for straight Ibuprofen. 600mg every 6 hours or so.

    ***That was enough to cope with the pain. It really never got past a 5 for me.*** I was really worried about the pain from reading these comments, and yes there were brief moments of 6-7 when I would try to push it by eating something I probably shouldn't have, but for the most part it was tolerable with OTC meds.

    Day 10 was Valentine's Day and I remember eating a burger and fries earlier in the day, then taking my girlfriend out for a full night on the town (with alcohol consumed). There was no feeling of exhaustion.

    Day 11 I was basically fully recovered eating crispy arepas, with some trouble, but not much and pretty much no pain.

    I just wanted to post to let everyone know to definitely be prepared. I used about 5 pounds of ice, the HUMIDIFIER was very helpful, and having someone take care of you a bit keeps morale up.

    Best of luck to all, and remember prepare for the worst, and maybe you'll enjoy some relief when that doesn't happen!

    1. Awesome post on my first day after surgery and am like you. Not having a blast but not as bad as OP. I'm very optimistic and it's nice to see someone else who is like minded. Thanks for the comment helped lift my spirits more (:

  48. Thanks for creating this blog! I'm a 34yo male and had my tonsils out 4 days ago. So far, so good. Some ear pain off and on, and some pain when swallowing, but nothing horrendous. This blog and all the comments were very helpful as I prepared for my surgery. For anyone else considering/preparing for surgery now or in recovery, feel free to check out my blog. I'm chronicling my pre- and post-op experiences.

  49. Boy have you hit the nail on the head. I also thought what i read on the internet was just a bunch of cry babies or people with bad outcomes- never have i ever been more wrong in my whole life! It is just plain horrific. I just had my tonsils out on the 11th of November and everything you said is no joke- its pain city all the way! This surgery is not for the faint hearted and I, too, believed I had an incredible pain tolerance. I've always been excellent at handling pain but this surgery has literally left me sobbing for many days now. Falling asleep is a fear because of the severe pain from the dryness. It's like it takes hours for it to subside no matter how much ice I consume or gargles I do. I felt like I was getting better but ended up being in such great pain I couldnt even swallow my saliva, much less anything including ice. I ended up in the emergency room and got 4 liters of iv fluid I was so dry. Please tell me this gets better because I swear if someone pointed a gun at my head now I would not put up much of a fight.

  50. A lot of these descriptions sound like my latest bout of tonsillitis (with possible abscess) I'm still recovering from. It's my 7th in just over a year, having only had tonsillitis about twice in my life before that, but the worst yet. It started off quite normally but within 3 days my left tonsil was much bigger than the right one (also swollen), and i couldn't swallow anything including my own saliva, never mind opening my mouth more than half an inch. The pain was so bad (could go from a 6 to a 9), even though I was taking Ibuprofen (liquid kid's one) and paracetamol every 4 hours, that I would just sit and weep. I wasn't able to speak for about 10 days. Sleeping was very hard because of the pain, which was then made worse when I finally slept because it dried my mouth out. Doctors were useless, and I was in so much agony that I'd keep waking up after 2-3 hours sleep, so I went to the emergency room and the doc there just gave me codeine which didn't help all that much. The most effective thing was taping my mouth up when I slept and taking stronger antibiotics. I'm sick of always being sick and this time it made me miss my exams and an essay. The recovery from the surgery sounds really similar to my worst tonsillitis, so I might be able to weather it out okay.

  51. A lot of these descriptions sound like my latest bout of tonsillitis (with possible abscess) I'm still recovering from. It's my 7th in just over a year, having only had tonsillitis about twice in my life before that, but the worst yet. It started off quite normally but within 3 days my left tonsil was much bigger than the right one (also swollen), and i couldn't swallow anything including my own saliva, never mind opening my mouth more than half an inch. The pain was so bad (could go from a 6 to a 9), even though I was taking Ibuprofen (liquid kid's one) and paracetamol every 4 hours, that I would just sit and weep. I wasn't able to speak for about 10 days. Sleeping was very hard because of the pain, which was then made worse when I finally slept because it dried my mouth out. Doctors were useless, and I was in so much agony that I'd keep waking up after 2-3 hours sleep, so I went to the emergency room and the doc there just gave me codeine which didn't help all that much. The most effective thing was taping my mouth up when I slept and taking stronger antibiotics. I'm sick of always being sick and this time it made me miss my exams and an essay. The recovery from the surgery sounds really similar to my worst tonsillitis, so I might be able to weather it out okay.

  52. Hi! I know I'm about 2 years late to the party but I'm 26 and had my tonsils out 2 days ago. I found your blog after Googling "adult tonsillectomy" and was so relieved to see that my symptoms were totally normal. I've found that it's near impossible to sleep lying down and that chicken broth is a real life saver! Thank you so much for posting all of this!

  53. you're all pussies. it's my fifth day in and I haven't been in pain once. You have zero pain tolerance and this seems like the hardest thing you've ever been through... absolutely pathetic. You're weak, lazy, and selfish

    1. How old are you? You sound like you are younger than 18 and if you are then this will be easier for you as you are still young. Or if not Maybe you are still numb from pain medication and can't feel shit. Maybe in a day or two it will hit you like hell just came down on you from the mouth of Satan and I hope It does because of your comment you arrogant selfish un-empathizing little bitch.
      I have a high pain tolerance, very high. I've broken five bones, two of which, I didn't even realized I broke until weeks later. I also went under the knife and had an eight pound cyst and ovary removed, Nearly the same procedure as a C-section. I was told a 4 month recovery, I was back to dancing in a month.
      Maybe you are a lucky one and God blessed you and If so then feel blessed and be humble and I'm glad you are having a good recovery. But learn some empathy

    2. Thank you for this!! This person is a dick and hopefully he will get what's coming to him. I too have a high pain tolerance and consider myself luck. I have been able to do a lot more than many of these poor people and as a matter of fact these posts have made me realize how good I have it. It is painful but it is manageable but that doesn't mean that everyone will have the same results. Fuck this asshole and anyone who is as selfish and ignorant as he is.

  54. I am 19 and I couldn't agree more! I would also add that for me I had a hard time with rich flavored food, the taste wouldn't leave my throat.

  55. I am 19 and I couldn't agree more! I would also add that for me I had a hard time with rich flavored food, the taste wouldn't leave my throat.

  56. I love reading all these posts and comments, knowing I am not alone in this hell (literally tonsillectomy will put you inside its own hell. I actually think Hell probably feels a lot like this. Agonizing pain and being tortured by wanting what you can't have (foods) and when you do eat all taste is bland. Your body is decaying and you're lying in your bed unable to move or talk, slowly going mad. And you just want to punch your fist into walls but you can't because you have no energy to move so you thrash around inside in a mental attack and sleep doesn't actually heal your pain.) and I get laughs as I relate to so much of everything said. I think the most I've 'laughed' is when reading these comments or watching friends.

    Well I am 21 years old and on Day 12, counting surgery day 13. Along with a tonsillectomy I also got a septoplasty (my septum straightened), my adenoids removed (as my doctor described them very juicy lol) and a turbinate reduction. I am a dance major and my reoccurring tonsillitis and deviated septum strongly affected my dancing, performance levels, and exercise. It was recommended to get the procedure now so I can return to dance immediately after. However at the looks of it I'm afraid with all the weight I lost I won't be able to return to dance as easily as I hoped.

    ANYWAYS I am on day 12 and just now slowly beginning to feel more like myself, I can see the light at the end now. However there is always something new with the pain.
    It started easy with moderate pain levels and I only ate Popsicles, Italian ice, sherbet, cold soups, and cold protein shakes.
    Days 5 to 8 were hell as the numbing went away, constipation began, the ear pain became excruciating, and scabs fell off. I barely ate and became very dehydrated. I lost 10 pounds. I coughed up disgusting scabs and phlegm. Pain later was better and tolerable during the day, I was able to leave the house. I went to church for Christmas Eve service but communion nearly killed me (the irony) - I still couldn't eat solid foods. Standing I felt so weak. I talked to people because talking made me feel normal, and they sympathized with me. I even scared people away from getting tonsillectomy as some were debating it lol. But the pain would hit back to an 8 usually at night and in the morning. ICEPACKS HELP SO MUCH. They are like my baby blanket. I always have ice with me especially when eating.
    Days 9-12: I coughed up the biggest scab and felt increasingly better after. I am able to eat more solids here, with water. I have to drink water to get the bites of food down, but I can drink a lot of water now, only lukewarm. I went out for dinner and a football game with my dad and walked around town. My parents have gotten me mcdonalds and such for the free smells and nibbles. I love that.
    The worst has been in the mornings I have been throwing up! Due to my Septoplasty I have a lot of mucus draining down my throat and building up. In my sleep it builds up and I either swallow it, choke on it, or vomit it up in the morning. It's so painful. I cry. The only time I've cried (i'm not a crier). It took me two hour to regain myself and be able to eat.
    Day 12- it is the morning now and i have no nausea. I stopped my medicine 24 hours ago and I feel the same now as I did on it. Just a dry throat, some discomfort when swallowing due to the new exposed flesh, and some mucus but I am not nauseous or throwing up. I have a stuffed nose and it is becoming harder to breathe as fully through my nose but I am not aloud to blow it yet because of my septoplasty :( My constipation has gone though and I'm eating an egg over hard. Hoping this good feeling will last now!!

    New Years Eve is in three days and I would love to be able to have a drink, Since I'm finally 21 too. And feel the most normal as my boyfriend is going to come visit. Crossing my fingers and praying.

  57. I had my tonsils out on the 29th of December 2015. It's 8:14am in the UK right now and I'm waking up to day 5 after surgery, I should probably napore but you know I'm terrified. Just to keep this is in context of the snoring I've also had a platoplasty-coblation surgery to remove excess tissue from the roof of my mouth (double ouch) I did not have my tonsils removed because they got infected but rather because I'm a small slight person who had HUGE tonsils and it altered my breathing. Like most of you I definitely underestimated the pain associated with this surgery but bearing in mind, and taking into account I had two separate procedures on my throat, I don't feel it is at bad at OP. I'm only 23 though so I don't know how much age factors into this. Upon advice from the NHS I have been eating more solid food from the get-go. My first meal in hospital was a corned beef sandwich!! It hurt and I struggled but I did it. I'm not saying I'm eating normally as I'm eating less but I'm not on liquids or chewing ice. I don't know how much this affects recovery as I was told that chewing and eating helps force the bad stuff down my throat and get things ticking again in a way a liquid diet does not. The NHS also recommended chewing gum to get the saliva flowing which I only started yesterday. In terms of meds I was given morphine I think after surgery and that lasted me until I got home. In fact in hospital I had next to no pain at all, which is why that corned beef sandwich probably went down like a dream (all though the anaesthetic made it like sand)... Anyway I could talk normally and I was sat there wondering what all the fuss was about. I got home and soon realised it was the morphine... Anyway the docs gave me paracetamol, codeine and ibuprofen. The nurse explained it to me that I can take 2 paracetamol every 4-6 hours and can add a codeine or two if it's worse the ibuprofen can be taken additionally 3 times a day if the pain is bad thereafter. So yeah at first I wasnt anywhere near the ibuprofen as I genuinely didn't categorise the pain to be that high. Two days later and after frequent vomitting I deduced there was something wrong with what I had been advised. I spoke to my GP who advised me to take the codeine as and when needed not at all the time and to start taking at ibuprofen as it has some anti-inflammtory properties (my whole mouth was so swollen at this point).

    The worst points so far have been the fact that my nose has been so blocked and stuffed up, and mucus production seems loads worse, that it is making me become a nighttime mouth Breather!!! As Op said it dries out your mouth and the pain is notched up. It makes me terrified to sleep. Yesterday I finally was able to blow my nose (gently) without pain so I got my self some nose snoring strips and shut my mouth up with a scarf. This worked for a time but I woke up about an hour ago with my scarf off, stuffed nose and mouth open, I must been like that for HOURS


    I had a little breakdown I have to admit. Crying downstairs. And I have had to opt for paracetamol with the coedine. I've been told that coedine affects breathing so that's a horrible cycle to be in.

    Secondly, the taste and bad breath. No one professional warned me off this. My goodness I thought I had an infection!! My GP recommended I gargle with a saline solution nightly to keep the wound relatively clean but urgh is it so disgusting.

    Closing point, I think OP was an extreme version of the pain (of course I've yet to go through the scabs coming off) based on the experience from the start and everyone I've met who have had this surgery tell me it's worth it?! Anyway dont let it put you off.

    I'm back at work tomorrow (day 6 after surgery) I will be tired, irritable and unable to speak but I'm functional and will have to deal with the pain.

    Good luck!!

  58. I had my tonsils removed on January 7th 2016 along with a Septoplasty and enlarged turbinates removed. I chose not to look into the procedure and the aftermath too much as I was certain I would be different to everyone else. So I guess you could say I was blindsided. Recovery in hospital when the morphine wore off was no problem and I hardly felt I needed meds. Home on day 2 still with minor pain (spikes of 3-4) only to find the intensity would snap in so fast. I would say now on day 6 I am still constantly at least a 5-6 pain verging on to a 7.....I prefer to spit rather than swallow and although I am a mum of 3 young children I struggle to project a sound. I feel at the moment the pain sits somewhere between the sensation of a throat full of ulcers (I've only had 1 or 2 in my mouth but remember the stinging agony) or a cramped tongue from yawning incorrectly. Clearly my tongue is still pained from when they must have braced it during the op.
    I haven't tried ice packs yet as the doctor steered me away from them. I have Endone & Codeine to administer when the pain is bad but both make me feel like I'm going to be sick or pass out and relief for anything only last for about 1-1/2 hrs and reduces it to a 3-4. I'm really just looking for some relief! The novelty of Ice and icy poles soon rubs a tad thin by day 3
    My nose is fantastic.......i can't feel anything (like the doctor mentioned) because of the intensity of my throat. Frequent nasal washes (5-6) per day to flush out the chunky crusty bits. I'm using the mirror as a whiteboard to write my med times on because I am petrified of doubling up. I don't really take meds so I am already looking forward to the detox at the end. One plus is, day 6 brings me just short of 5kgs lost......see ya later Christmas feast but I do know I won't be opting for this diet again.
    Anyway, fingers crossed today brings a new day or relief.......I'm not holding my breathe though, just cross my fingers!
    Cheers to feeling day!

  59. Thanks I'm going through this and a blogger and been writing about my experience too. I'm on day 9.

  60. I'm exactly 2 weeks out from my tonsillectomy and having my adnoids removed. Overall, I never bled and I was able to eat the next day. The first 3 days were by far the worst for me. Waking up and swallowing liquid medicines were the worst parts.

    1. Finding your pain medications may be a pain. I would ask my doctor for the prescriptions a few days in advance instead of the day before. They are more tolerable cold.

    2. I told everyone who asked me anything pre-op related that I wanted nausea medicine and they obliged.

    3. Before they discharge you - take the extra pain medicine they offer, ask for an ice pack (or have the snap activated ones), and be aware it may take awhile to pee. Also, it made me weepy for about an hour.

    4. 'Eat' before your pain medicine even if its a teaspoon of jello or gatorade. Also, set your alarm and an extra alarm.

    5. Don't try to tilt your head back to wash your hair for a few days.

    6. I used children's ibuprofen every 8 hours and pain medicine every 6. The ibuprofen doesn't sting as bad to swallow and helped about 2/3 as much. I started pills at day 4 because it hurt less than the liquid.

    7. Waking up is going to suck. It took 12 days before I got to wake up without immense pain. I waited until I had a dose of each medicine to get a solid 4-5 hours of sleep before the pain started.

    8. Your going to have extra saliva. I got to the point of keeping a dishtowel on the floor beside me and spitting on it and then changing it when I woke up.

    9. DON'T think you can go to work 4 days post-op like me. Honestly I made it through but wasn't ready to go back for a solid 6 days.

    10. I could't eat ice, I only ate 1 icee pop, and water was the only thing good cold (except the liquid medicine). As long as nothing's too hot, go for it if it sounds good. I ate chicken noodle soup about 24 hours after surgery.

    11. I didn't wait until the scabs were 100% for straws and real food. I never bled (amazingly).

    Things I bought and actually used:
    Cool air humidifier (really helped first 3 days)
    Store brand homeopathic ear drops (helped last 7 days)
    2 'clay' ice packs that didn't need cloth wrapped around them
    1 8 hour hot/cold ice pack that's bigger (slept with it rolled under my neck for a few nights)
    1 actual ice pack incase you forget to freeze your ice packs.
    2 guaranteed hot/cold thermoses without straws
    Pudding, jello, soup, mac and cheese, soft rolls, gatorade, and homeopathic 'throat coat' tea
    3 bottles of children's orange ibuprofen (more than I thought I'd need)
    Reading pillow to sleep upright
    Crush and use instant cold packs for ride home
    Probotic yogurt smoothie shots

    Things I bought and didn't use:
    Sore throat OTC lollipops
    Gum (for ear pain)
    Cepacol spray/cough drops
    Irrigation syringe
    Dental mirror thingy
    Hard candies/lollipops
    A lot of drinks (slimfast, gatorades)
    Pill crusher/baggies
    Oatmeal, grits, and other gritty foods
    Children's Tylenol
    Constipation medicine
    Ice/ice pops/sherbet - for whatever reason ice felt good on my neck but eating cold things hurt SO much.

    Take your medicine, keep an ice pack in the freezer, and if something hurts don't do it. Besides driving and your medications, eat, wear, drink, and do whatever you think you can within reason.

  61. I was very afraid of the Tonsillectomy because i read that recovery was painful AF. I'm from Mexico, and i got my Op at a private hospital. I went under surgery the past saturday, and today being friday, I can say my recovery has been easy. On a scale of 1 to 10, i was on 0 as long as I didn't drank anything (including my saliva), and when I had to drink, I was on a 6-7 the first 2 days and then on 2-3 the next days. I think i had an excellent surgeon, excellent painkillers (Metamizole [2 every 8 hours], Ketorolac [Sublingual, 1 every 8 hours] and Etoricoxib [1 every 8 hours], in addition to a coagulant) and luck. This is my 6th day, the scabs are still there, and the pain is minimal. I have been sleeping 8 hours straight everyday except the 1st and 2nd day, and since I take my painkillers at 12:00,20:00 and 4:00 I don't wake up in pain. I think I'm fortunate to have a really easy recovery. There's still a long way to go, but I hope the recovery stays the same or gets easier. I've been eating almost normally for the past 2 days, eating pasta, mashed potatoes, chicken broth with veggies and a chicken leg, homemade sandwiches and even cookies with milk. I hope most of you have a great recovery, and for those who are suffering from the pain, cheer up. It's gonna get better.

  62. I wish you could just give the tips & leave out all the extra wording

  63. I find this blog ironic. Do you think you're the right person to be giving tips on recovery? if you had such a horrendous and prolonged recovery?

    I'm 35 yr old male, on Day 7 of recovery scabs mostly off, I've been eating solid foods since about 1 hour after the operation.

    For me the pain has never gone above a 5, and my recovery has been smooth.

    Please don't be worried by theses overly dramatic and at some points frankly ridiculous accounts.

    Biggest advice I have is start eating properly as soon as you can, your not going to promote healing through a liquid diet.

    And be regular with your pain meds.

  64. I had my operation last Thursday so I'm on day 9 today. The fiRSR three days were okay but the pain gets worse as days go by one. One expects to get better by the day but this is the direct opposite. I had an ovarian cyst removal and gall stone removal operations before. It was a walk in the park in comparison to tonsillectomy. This is miserably painful. No jokes about this it is real pain not a child's play. I don't know if I will be up and running by end of next week. The way I feel right now I wish I can undo this procedure. I don't recommend it for any one.

  65. I had my operation last Thursday so I'm on day 9 today. The fiRSR three days were okay but the pain gets worse as days go by one. One expects to get better by the day but this is the direct opposite. I had an ovarian cyst removal and gall stone removal operations before. It was a walk in the park in comparison to tonsillectomy. This is miserably painful. No jokes about this it is real pain not a child's play. I don't know if I will be up and running by end of next week. The way I feel right now I wish I can undo this procedure. I don't recommend it for any one.

  66. Esther-

    Hi, so I had my tonsils and adenoids removed 2nd September and as of today I have been able to come off painkillers totally!

    It has been a nightmare I had a totally blocked nose for the first few days which as you can imagine made sleeping even worse waking up with such a dry throat that I could cry!

    Diflam has been amazing would Defo recommend it to all!

    Also I know many will wince as they read this but they did advise me that the sooner I start eating normal food the quicker the recovery would be and I would say it's true! Had a sandwich at the hospital whilst still on the meds they gave me but even that was tough my tongue was also very swollen and had sores for some reason which didn't help, the uvula was huge too but yes I made sure I took the pain meds regularly and by day 3 had "normal" food... Weetabix in the morning, rice chicken and salad for lunch and some barbecued delights for dinner (can you tell I love my food). It wasn't entirely pain free but I kept remembering the warning that day 5 is the worst unless you eat as well as possible! My pain didn't get any worse than the first few days and my scabs have almost totally cleared up.

    I am going to proceed with caution though, had also been told to try crisps and toasts etc but I did find that crisps caused a lot of stinging.

    I found warm liquid much more soothing that ice and cold drinks. It helped majorly with eating.

    This was my first surgery so nothing to compare it to but I am pleasantly relieved that things didn't get worse.

    Again Difflam is amazing! I will admit I was using the maximum dosage suggested but never beyond that!

    Good luck to those still suffering and to those to come xoxo

  67. I just got mine removed today at around 1 P.M. and damn does it suck. I'm a 21 year old male. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance and I am in sooo much pain. Everyone is different so for that guy saying to suck it up come on dude be considerate. Although my pain is excruciating I have been chewing ice and even eating. Well just yogurt, Popsicles, and a small amount of chicken broth. Anyone going through this just remember at the end its worth it. Try to stay hydrated even though it hurts. I have forced as much liquid as I could. I have hydrocodone but it isn't working. I manage to sleep a little here and there but wake up 15-20 minutes after because of the pain. How I said sick it out and get as much fluid and rest as possible that way this nightmare can end as quickly as possible. Good luck to you new comers like myself and any future tonsillectomy victims!

  68. I got my tonsils removed Monday morning. I had been sick for almost a year with strep. It just wouldn't go away! Last Friday was my first ent visit and they came out that Monday. No time to prepare myself for this! Day of surgery was fine. I was able to talk just really out of it. Day 2 I went in to anaphylactic shock with oxycodobe, that was fun, NOT! Spent 6 hours in the ED getting the EPI shot, steriods, fluids, pain meds and nausea meds. They put me on 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours and 100mg tramadol every 6 hours. I was up religiously every 2hours 45 min preparing to take my next dose. Day 3 was very painful. I didn't leave my room unless it was to use the rest room or shower. Showers were the only thing calming me down. Day 4 the pain was getting worse! They added liquid Tylenol with my tramadol. Didn't really help anything. By that evening I was barely able to open my mouth. I tried really hard to make sure I was drinking. Day 5, oh day 5 you are my day from hell so far!!! Ended up back in the ER for another 5.5hours. The pain was so bad! Another iv filled with pain meds,( toradol (sp?) seems to be my saviour! ) steroids, nausea meds, antibiotics and 2 bags of fluids. I was doing ok by the time I left. I could swallow again and talk if I had too. I started taking my pills again at 7pm since I could finally swallow them. Things were ok. Got up at 10pm and that dose went down. However, at 1245 I woke up with the most but wrenching pain I have ever felt in my life. Tears rolling down, knees gave out, hit the floor and was shaking uncontollably. My husband was SCARED!! I told him if he took me in They were going to have to admit me because I couldn't do this without higher pain meds. They put me on liquid hydrocodone but I was scared to take it. With the reaction to oxycodone and the same reaction with codeine this worried me. But as I lay on the floor not knowing what to do I weighed my options. I could be at the er in 7 minutes of I needed to be. I took 1/3 of the dose. Pain started to go away within a minute. I then took an hour shower to stay awake. I tell ya I was really worried to go to bed. No bad reactions so far besides my tongue being numb but it will do that by brushing my teeth. The pain is starting to come back so I'm going to give another 1/3 dose another shot and try to get some sleep. It has been 2 hour and 15 minutes now so I should be ok. I'm really hoping this might be the answer and I can get through this. I've heard when the scabs start coming off it gets worse. Not really sure how it can because this has been miserable and scary already!! I'm going to get some sleep and see how day 6 treats me.

  69. I got my tonsils removed Monday morning. I had been sick for almost a year with strep. It just wouldn't go away! Last Friday was my first ent visit and they came out that Monday. No time to prepare myself for this! Day of surgery was fine. I was able to talk just really out of it. Day 2 I went in to anaphylactic shock with oxycodobe, that was fun, NOT! Spent 6 hours in the ED getting the EPI shot, steriods, fluids, pain meds and nausea meds. They put me on 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours and 100mg tramadol every 6 hours. I was up religiously every 2hours 45 min preparing to take my next dose. Day 3 was very painful. I didn't leave my room unless it was to use the rest room or shower. Showers were the only thing calming me down. Day 4 the pain was getting worse! They added liquid Tylenol with my tramadol. Didn't really help anything. By that evening I was barely able to open my mouth. I tried really hard to make sure I was drinking. Day 5, oh day 5 you are my day from hell so far!!! Ended up back in the ER for another 5.5hours. The pain was so bad! Another iv filled with pain meds,( toradol (sp?) seems to be my saviour! ) steroids, nausea meds, antibiotics and 2 bags of fluids. I was doing ok by the time I left. I could swallow again and talk if I had too. I started taking my pills again at 7pm since I could finally swallow them. Things were ok. Got up at 10pm and that dose went down. However, at 1245 I woke up with the most but wrenching pain I have ever felt in my life. Tears rolling down, knees gave out, hit the floor and was shaking uncontollably. My husband was SCARED!! I told him if he took me in They were going to have to admit me because I couldn't do this without higher pain meds. They put me on liquid hydrocodone but I was scared to take it. With the reaction to oxycodone and the same reaction with codeine this worried me. But as I lay on the floor not knowing what to do I weighed my options. I could be at the er in 7 minutes of I needed to be. I took 1/3 of the dose. Pain started to go away within a minute. I then took an hour shower to stay awake. I tell ya I was really worried to go to bed. No bad reactions so far besides my tongue being numb but it will do that by brushing my teeth. The pain is starting to come back so I'm going to give another 1/3 dose another shot and try to get some sleep. It has been 2 hour and 15 minutes now so I should be ok. I'm really hoping this might be the answer and I can get through this. I've heard when the scabs start coming off it gets worse. Not really sure how it can because this has been miserable and scary already!! I'm going to get some sleep and see how day 6 treats me.

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  71. I am a 30-year-old woman, and I got mines removed on the 19th. The doctor advised me heavily that this would be no joke for an and adult; that the first three days I will have to be cared for by somebody else, and then need two weeks to heal. I have to admit, I was a bit worried, especially hearing all the horror stories of other people.

    But Honestly, I must be blessed becuase my operation didn't bother me as much. When I came home, I bled through the nose just a bit, but that shortly stopped. My only complaint is just a sore throat and having to suffer from a swollen uvula for about two to three days; that was a very uncomfortable experience to feel something in the back of your throat that makes you want to either hack up or really swallow something down, and it won't move. One other problem is having to cough up phlegm nonstop.

    Other than that, I was able to go to work that following weekend, though the meds made me drowsy and had me snoring at work a little. I was able to move around, drive, play with the dogs, shop for groceries, etc. I'm on day 7 now, basically a week since the operation. I've ran out of pain meds and had to call for a refill. I'm not liking the pain at all, of course who would? But That's the only bad thing about the whole thing; just swallowing on a very sore and sensitive throat.

    Some things that really helped me out are actually ICEEs. For some reason, other smoothie-like drinks didn't help. The ICEEs were the smoothest to swallow down. JELLO also helped. I did TRY some Cepacol, which I had never even heard before. It's supposed to be a bit powerful than regular cough drops. However, all that did was leave my tongue numb with a bad taste. It didn't do anything to my throat. On day 7, cold stuff actually irritates me. Now, I'm drinking warm to room-temp green tea, and that really helps.

    Good luck to everyone!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. I am 41. I got my tonsils out today and so painful. Took them 3 hours to get me to wake up They could only give me 2 shots of demerol that didn't help. When I got home I couldn't swallow pain pill (not even half) I had to crush it up and swallow with sip of juice. Barely did that. Still hard to chew ice. Mouth and lips are dry. Tomorrow better be somewhat better. Only thing I can think about is a hamburger in about 2 weeks.

    1. Nearly all meds are available in liquid form! Shame on your Dr. Liquid (children's) ibuprofen and Tylenol are available over the counter.

  74. I work for an ENT and adult tonsillectomies are terrible! We literally don't pursue them unless someone is really adamant. It doesn't matter which pain medication you are given, it literally only takes the edge off! It's often at it's worst between day 3 and 10 following the surgery.

    Also, as far as looking in your throat, it will look pretty crazy. Seriously. If you go in to Urgent Care or the ER during the 14 day window post operatively, a lot of providers get concerned because they have never seen a post op tonsil!

    And the post operative care is 14 days, such as limited activity, etc, but it can take several weeks up to 3 months to be completely normal, like yawning not being somewhat painful, in an adult!

    PLEASE be aware that bleeding is a big deal! It can happen anytime in the 14 days following surgery!

    Hope this helps!

    1. I'm 52 n 3 months ago I had Tonsillectomy. Went back to my Dr twice. He put the scope down my nose n he said it's stil a Lil tight n some scar tissue. He said his got better about 4 months later but he was 29. I'm upset n I asked him am I'm gonna have to live like this. Swollen throat n sore, tightness, feels like I'm living with a bad sore throat EVEYDAY. Yes, I have Reflux n allergies. Does anyone know another kind of a Dr that can help me. I NEVER would have got my Tonsils out if I'd known I was gonna have to live like this. PLEASE Any Information I Would be Helpful.

  75. Will throat numming spray effect it? Cant sleep and want to know if it will help.

  76. Will throat numming spray effect it? Cant sleep and want to know if it will help.

  77. I am 42 and day 6. The burning from anything ,including water, is aweful stabbing pain. Im dehydrated because i can barely tolerate sips of water. If i take my pain meds & nausea pill maybe 30 mins later i can eat an egg over easy or a few sips of chicken soup.

    The scrapes from mt teeth on the sides of my tongue are painful. I just want to drink a full cup of water tomorrow. Ive lost in 9 lbs in 6 days and the reflux started today. I'm overweight so this is the only positive note so far.

    I also have a great support system and i will certainly be paying back. How? I havent figured that out yet. Brother in law is cooking cleaning and running errands for 7 of us. And hes doing a better job than me.

    I hope the pain starts easing. Soon.

  78. I am writing this as the caregiver to my 22 year old daughter who had the surgery. We are on day 3. Daughter has low tolerance for pain and we are managing to keep her pain level around 2-3.
    Keep cold water in the frig to add your ice to. Keep sipping on that ice water!
    Take your medicine at regular intervals. We did liquid ibuprofen and liquid Tylenol, each every six hours. Ibuprofen 7am, 1pm, 7pm, 1am
    Tylenol 10am, 4pm, 10pm, 4am. This kept med absorption steady and controlled pain nicely without use of the heavy duty stuff.
    Use Lidocaine suspension as needed for flare ups or about 15 minutes before eating. The suspension is really thick and we found it difficult to use so I added 5ml water to the 5ml lidocaine mixed it briefly so it was MUCH easier to gargle.
    Keep your mouth clean. Always end your eating with water to rinse the area. Brush your teeth and swish/gargle with the prescribed antiseptic rinse three times a day. Limiting the bacteria speeds healing process and avoids complications.
    Limit or eliminate sugar and dairy after the surgery as both cause inflammation. There are great options these days for fruit and veggie juice popsicles.
    Day 1: applesauce/apple juice, "soup" made primarily with broth, blended in 2tbsp cooked rice, a little turmeric, ginger, garlic and a bit of onion. Day 2 blended in white cannelini beans too.

    Day2 blended well mango sorbet, mixed berries, odwalla super food green juice and soy milk. Later had mashed potatoes and some sauteed mushrooms.

    Day 3 we are adding oatmeal and soy yogurt

    The idea for diet is to make everything nutritionally dense to aide in recovery, while keeping texture very smooth, while sugar and dairy, and absolutely no citrus, tomato or anything spicy.

    So far so good! Hope this is helpful.

  79. I'm 22 and on my 4th day post-op. I had horrifically large tonsils and was getting strep 3-4x a year so it was time for them to come out while I had a break from nursing school. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and would place my pain at a 5-7 pretty consistently throughout this procedure.
    I would strongly recommend that you have a "nurse" that will be with you making sure you're taking your meds. As independent as I like to say that I am, I have no idea how I would have made it through the past 5 days without my mom and sister coming into my room every 2 hours with my meds. Don't assume you can handle this yourself!

    I'm taking 5-10mL of liquid oxycodone every 4 hours, and I'm taking either liquid motrin or liquid tylenol every 2 hours to control the swelling. I think I discovered that the tylenol was making me vomit so I've been trying to phase that out.
    Eating and swallowing are both incredibly hard, but I feel like it comes and goes in waves. I've seen posts about ice packs on the neck so I was thinking I would try that. I've been trying to eat dairy-type things but I almost feel like it makes the secretions at the back of my neck thicker and harder to swallow, so that's something to think about.

    Long story short: do not miss doses of meds, popsicles are your friend, STAY HYDRATED, eat when you can, and don't rush your recovery. Delegate your care to someone who won't be hopped up on pain meds!

    Good luck, I hope this was helpful!

  80. To anyone who reads this buy throat numbing spray. The best thing since getting your tonsils removed.

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  83. I am on day 4 post-op, and i can not stress enough about how important the anti-nausea meds were for me. Also look into numbing strepsils, they're also called Strepsils Plus. Blue packaging and then take liquid panadol. I'm also on 5mg of Oxycodone but i only take that when i need to cause it seriously makes me loopy af. I'm also taking Naproxyn SR 750mg because the anti-inflammatory they gave might as well knock me out with a brick. That's all i guess. Seriously, the numbing strepsils were the best thing i ever thought of.

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  85. I had to get my tonsils removed in Oct of 2017 and i am 26 year old women and taking care of 2 kids 4 n 2 years of age and a 75 year old women and my boyfriend works 6 says a week but still to this day my throat hurts and is dry all the time i think it is because i didnt get to recover like I was supposed to.. It took about a month to where i could talk normal again and eat food.... I had NO help from family or anyone 😢

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